Turi Children's Project

Photos taken during Dr Barr's visit to the Turi Children's Project in Kenya during his Moderatorial year - March 2017

There are 21 photos for this gallery.
The Turi Children with their Parachute Parachute's Away Small Parachutes
Russell Arrives at Turi Children's Project, Kenya Home of the Turi Children's Project Finding out about Turi
The Computer Room at Turi The Playground at Turi Putting the finishing touches to the new chicken shed
The roosts in the chicken shed A Chicken's Eye View Work at Turi Continues
The Turi Staff Meeting in the classroom Lunch is prepared
The Turi Children Lessons in the sunshine A Salute for the Moderator
The Moderator takes the salute Word of Life from the Turi Children A Fond Farewell