Letter from the Moderator of Edinburgh Presbytery

3 November 2021

A letter to Ministers, Session Clerks, Treasurers and Congregations                        

On behalf of the Presbytery, I am writing to thank you and your Congregation for your financial generosity and hard work. Over these last eighteen months we have endured so many challenges in the life of our Church. No part of life was left untouched, each and every one of us isolated, cut off from others, forced to stay at home.  It has been an exceptionally tough time, whatever our circumstances have been at home, and the normal struggles of life have been exacerbated by lockdown. My prayers continue with everyone who has found these months particularly burdensome.

Our faith gives us strength, the kind of strength that will help us endure and move onwards. We look forward and we hope, and we continue to pray for a better country and a better planet, more able to fight infection and disease, and that our scientists and our leaders will guide us through. We also continue to pray for a fairer society where the resources that we hold are shared generously and imaginatively.

I write to thank the Treasurers and Congregations across our city for the sterling work you continue to do on behalf of our Church, and for the good work that your generosity contributes towards and makes possible. Our Church survives only through the generosity of each one of us, however big or small the gifts we make.

The days ahead will continue to be challenging for all of us, particularly as we await the Presbytery Plan for the future shape of Church and ministries. On behalf of the Presbytery of Edinburgh, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you, and to assure you of my continuing prayers as we move forward together.

Yours sincerely,

Very Rev Dr Derek Browning


The Presbytery of Edinburgh