It's Wedding Bells for the Minister!


Cramond Kirk's former student minister, Louise Mackay married Jason Vagionakis in St Nicholas Church Lanark on Saturday, 7 September and her former supervisor, Russell Barr was delighted to conduct the service!

Louise said : Getting married is always a special occasion for any person but being able to get married in my own church makes it extra special. Jason and I are looking forward to a great day and we are so glad we are able to celebrate with our family and friends as well as members of the St Nicholas congregation.


Bride: Louise Mackay, minister at St Nicholas Parish Church, Lanark

Groom: Jason Vagionakis, Events Manager

Although Jason has lived in Scotand for several years, he is from South Africa and the service was live streamed to South Africa where it was watched by many of his family and friends who were unable to attend the service in Lanark.

The bride arrived at church in a horse and carriage and with her church being in the centre of Lanark and at the foot of the long High Street, her arrival brought the town to a standstill.

The couple departed in the horse and carriage following the ceremony.

The church was packed with her guests as well as members of the congregation and town who came to celebrate her wedding.

Louise spent her probationary period at Cramond Kirk in 2015 - 2016.

Russell Barr said : It was a great privilege to conduct Louise and Jason's wedding. Louise had been an outstanding student at Cramond Kirk during her probationary period, we have kept in touch with one another since her appointment to St Nicholas, and I was delighted when she asked me to conduct her wedding service. 

The sun shone, people lined the streets as the bride's arrival in a horse and carriage brought the town centre of Lanark to a standstill, and the church was packed with family, friends, members of St Nicholas' congregation and well wishers from the local community.

It can't be often a minister is married in her own church and like every bride she looked quite nervous as she came into church. Thankfully she soon relaxed and I hope she and Jason enjoyed a wonderful day.